The Pheromones Approach

I’ve been out about 25 times before trying to approach people and been completely terrified if I lacked pheromones. I did 2 today, and i was feeling fucking great before and feel fucking great now. I’m slowly getting better at this, next week i’ll try for a couple of # closes. And so on and so fourth. I’m so happy, it’s just that for 24 years i’ve been shy when meeting new people. Now i actually have some real confidence and am happy to face the world. I’m really looking forward to next week when I can achieve real success with pheromones. Terrific, congratulations. Learn more at and

Now you just keep going at it, some time from now you can start just saying hi as you’re approaching or walking by, and if they stop, you can say you thought they were cool and that they look nice, and introduce yourself, hi I’m Jamie, what’s your name? And take it from there. Make sure to use androstenone pheromones since these will be detected by the vomeronasal organ. I have a few of these pheromone scents already on various places but none of them have what I’m going to write in this post and it’s really just to have everything in the open so in a few months time I can look back at it and laugh, and maybe you people out there can even offer some pheromone dvice which would be cool!! Now I know I’m very young and stuff but that doens’t excuse me from having a long and eventful life but this isn’t going to go into everything just focusing on two particular areas regarding pheromone attraction that share the same comonality, My Heart. I haven’t really had much success when it comes to women. When I hit puberty I did go and have some crushes and just like an idiot I was the nice guy and I didn’t get anywhere. Then the next crush I acted like a freind and BAM she got a boyfriend that wasn’t me. The list goes on falling onto similar things where I was put into the friends zone or just forgotten to realize my pheromones. So that’s all good and due to my lack of inactivity my pheromones were at a kind of standstill. So this year started and I still never had done anything, not even my first kiss. To be honest I was kinda ok with it all, I was pissed and depressed and lonely but all in all through the lack of hormones I wasn’t thriving for it. I was suffering from pheromone depression that only I knew about and it was getting pretty bad, i would cry and become quite self obsossed and do nothing but feel sorry for myself. The funny thing is that whenever I was around other people I wouldn’t show or tell anyone about it. To everyone I was fun old lytane that would always put other people’s problems before my own. After all of this I went out on a crew outing to a local water park and I met and befriended this one girl, whom I will call B. After failing so much in the past I went onto the net to find out how to do it and that’s where I found lots of material and this wonderful site about how to use pheromones. Learn more at

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