Sugar Daddy Pheromones

Sugar daddy game, using sugar daddy dating sites to attract much younger women via either giving them money or acting like you might, is the latest addition to the online dating universe. Just like with social discovery game and social media game, sugar daddy game is similar to normal online game, and while many of the same concepts apply, there are also some stark differences. One of the biggest of these is that if you are under the age of 30 or if you don’t have a decent income, sugar daddy game is going to be a waste of time for you. If you’re under 30 you’ll get very little pheromone responses, and the few women who do respond to you are going to be very suspicious. If you’re over 30 but don’t have a lot of extra money to spend in your dating life, you’re going to fizzle out pretty quickly using sugar daddy game, since even if you manage to not pay the women for dating or sex, your dates are going to cost much more than is typically described in this book and my other dating books. My system is based on having sex with women very quickly with less than about $20 spent, grand total. Learn more about pheromones at sugar daddy game, first dates costing $100-$200 are not unusual, once you factor in things like taxis, Uber , food, and drinks. That bears repeating natural pheromones. No matter how you do it, sugar daddy game is going to be more expensive than any other dating method I talk about, by far. This is why I tend to avoid sugar daddy game myself, even though I have plenty of experience with it. Most men who are in this arena have higher incomes and thus don’t care, and consider the extra expense worth it to access much more attractive and/or younger women. That’s the main benefit of sugar daddy dating over normal online dating. Unlike normal dating sites where you have to hunt for the hot women, sugar daddy sites are jam-packed full of super hot (and usually young) women. You won’t need to hunt around at all. Just do a simple search and most of the women on the first results page will be plenty good-looking enough for the typical man. As to whether or not you want to try sugar daddy game, that’s the decision you need to make. Are you over age 30 and is spending $100-$200 per date (or more) worth it to get to reasonably fast sex with more attractive women without having to improve your woman-skills as much as with normal online dating? If your answer is yes, go for it. If your answer is no, skip it and stick with normal online game with pheromones. If anyone posts any attacks, insults, negativity, insane/irrational behavior, or complaining, against you or any of your Facebook friends, delete it immediately. The same goes for if any woman posts something very overt, like “Your cock tasted so good last night! ”. (If you have sex with enough women, stuff like this will eventually will happen.) Of course you do want women posting flirty messages on your wall; that’s more social proof, just nothing overt or sexually explicit. To stay on top of things, you either need to install the Facebook app on your smartphone or set your Facebook account to notify you via email of any post to your Facebook page, and link that to an email address on your smartphone , so you get beeped every time anyone posts something there. This way if anything unwanted gets posted, you can intercept and delete it before anyone sees it. Another precaution you can take is to disable the ability for friends to tag you in photos. I’ve seen men and women both get burned badly, or at least get very embarrassed, at photos their friends tag them in. Learn more at

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