My Pheromone Seduction Method

More pieces of my seduction method were coming together as I came up with pheromone juxtaposition game in this particular case I was at a house party and it was verbally stating I was a non-sexual being while nonverbally escalating with my touch. Needless to say it was a crazy night when That girl started chasing me in front of her girlfriend, Hanging all over me and grabbing my ass while her girlfriend kept saying to me, “I know what you’re doing with those pheromone colognes,” but then still tried to hook up with me later in the night. I learned juxtaposition in personality and environment caused me to appear more masculine in a politically correct area I’m more of a moderate guy. Learn more at knew that pheromones would affect her vomeronasal organ. The highlight of that period had to be the drunken girl who tried to pick me up on the street by saying, “Look what I can do,” and then shoved her whole fist in her mouth while trying to give me a sexy wink. It was a hilarious failure. Gone East: My time out West had come to a close for more pheromone sprays. This time I was going to learn to attract women with pheromones properly. Starting out I went out all the time, posted to forums constantly, and began with online dating. This time, after having a job where I kept metrics and sold between $250,000 to $500,000 worth of pheromone products I was going to track and get results. The online methods worked, but I capped out long term at about 30% Not exactly my idea of taking the world by storm. Pheromones Eperiementation I experimented with already existing material and found out, in fact, some material is better than other material. Working mainly from a scripted system I had several experiences that I would not have thought possible a short time ago [a foot job from the girl “ignoring me” under the table while surrounded by friends at the bar while I was talking to the girl next to me, bathroom pulls for oral, and poorly hidden drunken sex pheromones in public. I mastered opening and learned to get attraction quickly. I found out the power of nicknames and deviated from the plan with self-taught pheromone attraction game. However, while I was having success something was still bothering me. These girls were more attractive, but in most cases lacked in some way compared to the girls I had known before and there were fewer of them. A Realistic Timeline: Pheromone Seduction warriors train hard and play hard. They have the best gear, the best strategy, and the best tactics. Silently they slip in and out. Night or day they quickly and efficiently come and go. Seldom observed, but when they are they create 1-10 minute seductions with seeming ease. You want that sort of power, right? Of course you do. Come and take it. The seduction elite train under a rigorous schedule that will push you beyond your comfort zone. This is where growth occurs. This is where your world changes forever. Learn more at

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