Hard Drives – Data Not Available

WD Passport Ultra 1TB, worked fine at the beginning of the week and for the past couple of days is not being recognised by my Macbook Pro. It does not show in the disk utility or on the desktop as an accessible drive. External hard drive is about 18 months old, does get travelled and taken about a bit. Ideally would be interested if you are able to recover the valuable data.

Hard disk not readable – see blog post here. Makes repetitive clicking sound when connected to power. 80GB old model (2006). My external hard drive has stopped working, I would like the data from it.

I bent my USB harddisk it was still inserted into my computer, the body of it is still intact just the actually metal part that inserts into the computer was bent. I cant seem to use it now whenever I insert it into the computer as it doesn’t be recognised. please help me i’m a third year student in the last week and I really need my documents

External Hard Drive is an Intenso 500gb. Connected to the computer by a USB cable with no power port (assuming it takes power from the computer once connected). It contains games, music files, word documents and pdfs. It’s been in a secure place under my bed as long as I’ve had it, and as far as I recall has never been dropped. However this is an older harddrive, I’ve had it 5+ years which could be the result of the issue? A light on the harddrive indicates whether it is connecting to a computer and this is not lighting up regardless of my plugging it into two separate computers. The hard drive is also not discovered by either computer. Any help you’d be able to give me would be appreciated. I will try and be availiable for a call as much as possible, I work normal business hours.

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