Digital Transcription Job Earning $2000 per month

I took the course through U.S. C I. I started the end of July 2010 and finished March 18, 2011. They supplied me with many books and I studied many subjects. I was close to the end of the course before I even figured out how to use the foot pedal, prior to that I was using keyboard hot keys. Nothing was ever said to me about MS Office Professional 2003, until I started job hunting, so I am now learning about that on my own.

I have purchased Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary 31st Edition (with Bonus CD-ROM, which I do have downloaded), The Book of Style for Digital Transcription, Third Edition, Quick Look Drug Book, 2011, The Pill Book, 14th Edition. I have also printed pages of terms and terminology off of various web sites.

The areas of most difficulty for me was punctuation (comas -vs- semi colon -vs- colon) and foreign accented dictation. I even asked the school for more dictation with the foreign accent, thinking that would help, never got a response.

My grade never dropped below 90% during the course and I finished with a 94%. The only support the school will now give me is to review my resume, unfortunately I do not have much in the way of a resume.

I have already spent over $2000.00 to go to work, so I am very skeptical about spending more, plus my finances are getting tighter. I have already taken numerous tests with different companies, and I am just not quite up to their standards.

I need to find some kind of income that would bring an extra $2,000 or so into this household. My family even bought me a laptop, so that when we go to the lake, I can work out there.

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